Assembly of Christian Educators Ministry


The Assembly of Christian Educators (ACE) is a body of dedicated, faithful, and committed Christians doing the will of God through educational ministry.  We endeavor to extend to all persons the mission of Jesus Christ through a holistic approach. We promote God's Word, the importance of Christian nurture and the doctrines of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.  Therefore, it is our goal to develop (1) discipleship, (2) personal growth, and (3) spiritual growth through training, educational resource sharing, stewardship, witnessing, outreach, and fellowship.


The objectives of this organization shall be to enhance the implementation of the mandate of Jesus:  "Go ye therefore and teach all nations..."

a.  To provide a periodic forum for the presentation of ideas;

b.  To explore trends and share information with all Christian Educators in the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church;

c.  To support and implement denominational programs and projects; and

d.  To satisfy requirements for denominational representation.


The membership of this organization shall include Christian Educators appointed by Bishops, Presiding Elders, and Pastors.  Membership eligibility of any Christian Educator shall be initiated upon the payment of dues in advance.  All appointed and elected Christian Educators upon the payment of dues shall have all the rights and privileges of the Assembly of Christian Educators.  The membership drive shall be conducted between October 1st and December 26th each year.  Membership should be paid before attending interim meetings.  Annual dues are $15.00 and payable to the Assembly of Christian Educators' Treasurer before each interim meeting.  All membership cards expire on December 26th,  Permanent membership dues are $300.00.  These dues may be paid on the installment plan.  Once paid, the member is obligated to pay an annual membership fee of $5.00 to the Region.  The fees collected from these contributions go into the college/continuing education scholarship fund.


  • The James W. Eichelberger Scholarship
  • The George Lincoln Blackwell Scholarship
  • The Denison D. Garrett Scholarship 

The Chairman of the Scholarship Committee is Mr. Eric A. Smith, Eastern Region Co-Vice President;  Scholarship submission requirements and other specifics will be established and disseminated by the Scholarship Committee.


  • Region I - Eastern
  • Region II - Southeastern
  • Region III - South Central
  • Region IV - Central
  • Region V - Midwestern
  • Region VI - Western
  • Region VII - Overseas (some of these are assigned to Regions I - VI)


The official dress for female Christian Educators in the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church is a navy blue dress or a navy blue suit worn with a white blouse.  The men shall wear a navy blue suit with a white shirt and a red or navy tie.  The official dress will be worn at all official Christian Education functions as designated by the Episcopal, Conference, District and/or Local Directors.  Only the official baby blue and red stole is sanctioned by the Christian Education Department.  The stole may only be worn over the official dress.  The cost of each stole shall be $35.00, plus shipping and handling.  The stole is to be worn only after one has been properly installed on the Connectional, Episcopal, Annual Conference, or District level.  At the time of the stole ceremony, members are expected to be in full and complete official dress.


Red (blood of Jesus) and light blue (education)


We Are Christian Educators (tune – “We Are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder”) Lyrics - Dr. Mary Love


Mr. Joseph King Davis


Sis. Johngerlyn Young

First Vice President

Mrs. Marilyn Graham

Second Vice President

Mrs. Vivian Wright

Stole Chairperson

Mrs. Ethel D. Campbell

Recording Secretary

Miss LaTreasha M. Fitzpatrick

Corresponding Secretary

Mrs. Pamela L. Ford


Mrs. Barbara C. Selley


Ms. Susan Fitzpatrick

Central Region Co-Vice President

Dr. E. Dewey Wiseman

Eastern Region Co-Vice President

Mr. Eric Alfonzo Smith II

Eastern Region Co-Vice President

Miss Leshia Sams

Midwestern Region Co-Vice President

Mrs. Doris M. Davison

South Central Region Co-Vice President

Rev. Andra Watkins-Wright

South Central Region Co-Vice President

Rev. Mary Craig

Southeastern Region Co-Vice President

Ms. Tonya Cornelius

Southeastern Region Co-Vice President

Mrs. Kathy Y. Parrish

Western Region Co-Vice President

Mrs. Sandra Black

Western Region Co-Vice President