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Christian Education Department Staff

Dr. Brenda G. Smith

General Secretary

Rev. Kathryn G. Brown

General Secretary (Deceased)

Rev. Dr. Lewis M. Anthony

Administrative Assistant for Contemporary and Political Affairs Adviser to the Assembly of Christian Educators (A.C.E.)

Mr. Cesar Alvarez

Special Assistant for Hospitality and Special Events

Mrs. Jennifer Armstrong

Office Administrator

Rev. Dr. Clifford D. Barnett, Sr

Chairperson, The Commission for Family Life

Rev. Patrick A. Barrett II

Special Assistant for Program Development

Rev. Gina Casey

Chair, Commission for Leadership Excellence

Ms. Cleo R. Chaney

Special Assistant for Financial Management

Mrs. Tawanda D. Harris

Director, Women’s Ministry

Dr. Bobbie D. Floyd

Director, Institute on Aging (Ministry to Seniors)

Bishop Nathaniel Jarrett

Chairperson, Commission for Family Life

Pastor Scot C. Moore

Director, Men’s Ministry

Rev. Dr. Kevin McGill

Administrative Assistant for Connectional Collaboration

Pastor Brian R. Thompson, Sr

Director, Young Adults Ministry and Advisors to YACM

Rev. Felica R. Thompson

Director, Young Adults Ministry and Advisors to YACM

Dominique Turner

Special Assistant For Project Management

Varick’s Children

Rev. Dr. Michelle Carr Helaire

Co-Director, Children’s Ministry

Ms. Nora Kathi Mcneil

Co-Director, Children’s Ministry

Officers of the Varick Christian Youth Council

Ms. Ebony Williams

South Central Region Vice President

Mr. Isaak Harrison


Mr. Daniel Walker

Chief of Staff


Central Region Vice President

Ms. Grace Cole

Director of Public Relations


Western Region Vice President

Ms. Jessica Franks

Southeastern Region Vice President

Ms. Angelica Richardson

Midwestern Region Vice President

Ms. Makeyla Hayes

Eastern Region Vice President

Ms. Rapunizal Boykin

Member at Large

Ms. Kenashia Thompson

Executive Vice President

Mr. Justin Brown

Member At Large

Ms. Rachel Means

Recording Secretary

Ms. Nakima Harris

Member at Large

Ms. Briana Peters

Corresponding Secretary

Ms. Reality Patton

Member at Large

Ms. DaNidrah Carson


Ms. Tasharah Person

Member at Large

Sis. Charnita Ponder


Sis. Justala Simpson


Officers of the Assembly of Christian Education

Mr. Eric Alfonzo Smith II


Sis. Leshia Sams

Regional Co-Vice President

Mrs. Doris M. Davison

Recording Secretary

Rev. Andra Watkins-Wright


Ms. Tonya Cornelius

Corresponding Secretary

Ms. Stacey M. Hayes

Regional Co-Vice President

Rev. Donna Stewart

Regional Co-Vice President

Rev. Angela W. Boyd

Regional Co-Vice President

Ms. Renate Lee

Regional Co-Vice President

Rev. Tyesha N. Harden

First Vice President

Ms. Marycile Echols

Regional Co-Vice President

Rev. Adriane Newton

Second Vice President

Ms. Shelia V. Spencer

Regional Co-Vice President

Mrs. Yvonne S. Smith

Stole Chairperson

Bro. Rick Lee

Regional Co-Vice President

Mr. Adrian D. Smith

Chief of Staff

Rev. Austin J. Young

Regional Co-Vice President

Rev. Carla R. Perry-Johnson


Rev. Gwendolyn Peters

Regional Co-Vice President

Rev. A. Terry Young, III


Mr. Charles Montgomery

Regional Co-Vice President

Mr. Kyle P. Ledford Sr., CFSP

Strategic Planning Officer

Ms. Patricia Schmidt Hunter

Regional Co-Vice President

Episcopal Directors

Rev. Dr. Raymon Hunt


Ms. Ashley Charles

Mid-Atlantic II

Dr. Brenda G. Smith


Mrs. Marjorie Coleman-Carter

Mid-Atlantic I

Ms. Portia Jacobs

Eastern North Carolina

Ms. Elizabeth Reid

South Atlantic

Dr. Charles Sharp


Dr. Bobbie Floyd


Mrs. Ava Swinton

Southwestern Delta

Dr. Sandra Davis


Reverend Ulmor Olu

Eastern West Africa

Officers of the Young Adults in Christian Ministries

Bro. Jonathan Moore

South Central Region Chairperson

Rev. Samuel Brown


Bro. Dion Harris

Southeastern Region Chairperson

Mr. Jon Rankins

Vice Chairperson

Ms. Corinthia Hurley

Western Region Chairperson

Ms. Whitney Bronson


Rev. Joseph Robbins


Bro. Andrew Webber


Rev. Arthur Monroe


Rev. William DeArmond

Member at Large

Ms. Xellex Rivera

Eastern Region Chairperson

Rev. LeCounte Nedab

Central Region Chairperson

Ms. Brandi Moore

Midwestern Region Chairperson

Christian Education Department African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church

P.O. Box 26670
Charlotte, NC 28221

or visit us at:

A.M.E. Zion Headquarters

3225 W. Sugar Creek Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28269