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Dear Zion Family:


We continue to celebrate the life of wonderful leader, the Rev. Dr. Kathryn G. Brown, who was a phenomeal Christian woman with a loving spirit, who led this department with distinction and made no apology for serving God, nor for her dedication to full-time Christian service in ministry to the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church and to the Christian Education Department. She shared the gifts and talents with with God blessed her and we were, and continue to be, inspired by the quality of her life and association with us. As her spirit continues to glow among and within us, we pause to remember the this great woman of God taught each of us to pursue EXCELLENCE WITHOUT EXCUSE and to EXPECT THE GREAT! We will do this ourselves, for the uplifting of God's kingdom, and as Christian educators who are called to engage, educate and elevate "to serve the present age."

Deuteronomy 31:12 explains it best, as we are reminded that "the ministry of Christian Education is a call to purpose. It is the reaching, teaching, winning and maturing arms of the Church. "Gather them" - means the reaching arm; "to hear and to learn" - means the teaching arm; "Fear the Lord" means the winning arm; and "to do all" or obey all - means the maturing arm."

As Dr. Brown and the team worked so diligently to prepare for our arrival at the 24th Quadrennial Convention on Christian Education in Birmingham, Alabama, July 21-26, 2018, let us REGISTER NOW to ensure that our children, youth, young adults and adults will not miss what will be an ELEVATION EXPERIENCE! We thank you for the sacrifces that you have and will make to prepare ourselves, first and foremost, our children, our youth, our young adults for the work of the ministry.

Dr. Brenda L. Galloway Smith

Please mark your calendars for the following observances during:

July 22nd - Sunday evening - Official Departmental colors/stoles/pins, if applicable
July 23rd - Monday evening - Heritage night. African attire
July 24th - Tuesday - Episcopal Pride Day - Special colors; T-shirts, buttons, etc. (Episcopal Directors are in charge)
July 24th - Tuesday evening - Formal/After five attire for Zion's Got Talent Gala
July 25th - Wednesday - College and Greek Paraphernalia - Presentation of scholarships





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